Registering for DrPH Practicum
School of Public Health

Eligibility to Register for DrPH Practicum
Students are eligible to begin DrPH Practicum once they have completed half of the required courses for their department and maintained the required doctoral GPA of 3.2.  They are encouraged to begin considering possible Practicum opportunities at least the semester before they plan to undertake the Practicum to allow sufficient time to find a suitable placement, formalize details and complete all the necessary paperwork.

DrPH Practicum Registration
DrPH Practicum registration is by special permission only.  Please contact your Faculty Advisor and the Office of the Registrar for more information. Prior to registration, the DrPH Practicum Committee must review and approve the proposed project. Once appropriate permissions have been obtained, the Contract/Proposal should be submitted to the administrator for the DrPH Practicum Committee to be placed in the student’s file. The Office of the Registrar must confirm with the administrator for the DrPH Practicum Committee the student’s eligibility to register.