Overview of DrPH Practicum
School of Public Health

DrPH Practicum is comprised of three total credits and graded utilizing the Pass/Fail system.

The DrPH Practicum is a minimum of 200-hours and should be completed over 1-3 semesters, i.e., within a calendar year. DrPH Practicum students are supported and supervised by a DrPH Practicum Faculty Advisor and the Site Preceptor. There are clearly stated degree guidelines as well as department-specific guidelines that detail roles, responsibilities and expectations for students, faculty, and the Site Preceptors.

The student will complete a specified project or set of assigned duties agreed upon by the Chair of the DrPH Practicum Committee, DrPH Practicum Faculty Advisor, Site Preceptor, and the student. The student’s project and responsibilities are outlined and described in the DrPH Practicum experience contract and proposal form, which must be approved by the DrPH Practicum Faculty Advisor, then signed by all parties and submitted to the administrator for the DrPH Practicum Committee to be placed in the student’s file.

Choosing a Project and Site
DrPH Practicum sites are chosen based primarily on each student’s interests and their career goals. Students may identify their own sites or they may consult their Academic Faculty Advisor or other faculty in their department to identify an appropriate Practicum experience. . Sites may include, but are not limited to, federal, state, or local health agencies or departments; non-profit organizations; or units within Rutgers University or other academic institutions.

Students are not usually paid for their DrPH Practicum but are permitted to receive stipends from their DrPH Practicum agency if available.