DrPH Practicum Deliverables
School of Public Health

Final DrPH Practicum Report or Oral Presentation
At the conclusion of the DrPH Practicum, each student must hand in either a final paper and an abstract or do an oral presentation plus submit an abstract to the Faculty Advisor and to the administrator for the DrPH Practicum Committee for the official student file. .

The DrPH Practicum grade will be assigned based on the Practicum Faculty Advisor’s and Site Preceptor’s assessment of the student’s final paper or oral presentation. The student must complete any revisions to their final paper to receive a grade of “P”. In addition, the student must receive grade of “P” in order to complete the DrPH program and receive a diploma after completing other requirements, e.g., culminating experience/dissertation.

If applicable, i.e., in lieu of a final paper and abstract, the DrPH student will make a formal presentation of his/her DrPH Practicum project Presentations are approximately 15-20 minutes in length, plus 5-10 minutes for discussion/questions and answers; it may follow the format for the APHA scientific sessions. Site Preceptors are invited to attend and are recognized for their contribution.

It must be noted oral presentations for DrPH Practicum will not be concurrent with Dean’s Review of MPH Fieldwork Projects each semester.
Students MUST receive clearance from their Faculty Advisor to present before submitting their abstract and slides for use at the scheduled oral presentation.

As a separate assessment of competencies, students will include a one-page section in their final paper, or separately if doing an oral presentation, explaining how their DrPH Practicum contributed to their proficiency of the identified competencies in the contract. 

Site preceptors will be asked to complete a survey which will include their student’s identified competencies from the DrPH Practicum Contract. The Site Preceptor will assess the DrPH student in these identified competencies using a Likert‐type scale.