Dual-Degree: JD / MPH


In partnership with Rutgers Law School, the School of Public Health offers law students the opportunity to earn a Juris Doctor (JD) alongside a Master of Public Health (MPH). The JD/MPH dual-degree program combines the educational and legal strengths of the Law School with those of the School of Public Health to provide law students with a strong knowledge of the principles of both law and public health and is intended for students who plan to practice law in the public health arena or apply legal knowledge to the field of public health. The JD/MPH dual-degree program allows law students to complete both their JD degree and the MPH degree in four years.

The JD/MPH dual-degree program allows students to gain expertise in the fields of law and public health with the goal of attracting promising law students into the field of public health and providing graduates with knowledge of public health principles and concepts together with legal knowledge and skills necessary to assume leadership positions in the public health field. 


School of Law - Camden and Newark locations.
School of Public Health - New Brunswick and Newark locations.


Application to the JD/MPH dual-degree program is limited to students who have already been accepted at Rutgers Law School. Interested students may apply after acceptance into the Rutgers Law School or as early the Spring of the first year of law school. JD/MPH dual-degree students would need to take required courses at either the New Brunswick or Newark locations depending upon their selected concentration.
Application for this degree program is available through the School of Public Health's Office of Student Affairs.


The JD/MPH can be completed in four years as long as the student applies for admission by May 1 of their first year of the JD program and gains acceptance to the dual-degree program. Typically, students are enrolled in the JD program full-time for the first two years and in MPH coursework full-time during year 3. Then in year 4, students complete the JD coursework along with the MPH fieldwork requirement. However, students usually begin taking MPH courses during the summer after completing their second year of Law School courses.

The School of Public Health may accept up to 12 credits of coursework from the JD program towards the MPH degree, including six transfer credits as electives. In addition, the Rutgers Law School may accept up to 12 credits of coursework from the MPH program towards the JD degree, depending on the MPH concentration and upon completion of all requirements for the MPH degree and all other requirements for the JD degree. Visit the MPH degree webpage for more information about the MPH curriculum.

Program Director for JD/MPH Dual Degree with the Rutgers Law School:
At the School of Public Health:
Bernadette West, PhD
Associate Dean for Community Health
t. 732-235-4535