PHCO 0503: Introduction to Environmental Health

Course Descripton and Competencies:
This course explores the way in which particular characteristics of our environment potentially affect health.  The course will examine health problems associated with biological, chemical, physical, and radiological agents, how they impact food safety, infectious disease, air quality (indoors/outdoors), water quality, and land resources in community and occupational settings.  Also, policies intended to improve public health through mitigation of environmental impacts will be reviewed. Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Specify approaches for assessing, preventing, and controlling environmental hazards that pose risks to human health and safety.
  • Describe the direct and indirect human, ecological and safety effects of major environmental and occupational agents.
  • Specify current environmental risk assessment methods.
  • Describe generic, physiologic and psychosocial factors that affect susceptibility to adverse health outcomes following exposure to environmental hazards.
  • Discuss various risk management and risk communication approaches in relation to issues of environmental justice and equity.
  • Explain the general mechanisms of toxicity in associated with various environmental exposures.
  • Develop a testable model of environmental insult.
  • Describe federal and state regulatory programs, guidelines and authorities that control environmental health issues.

Course Syllabi

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