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CEPH Re-Accreditation 2015 Resource File.

All documents in PDF format.

1.0  The School of Public Health
    1.1    Mission RBHS Strategic Plan
  Rutgers University Strategic Plan Summary
  Rutgers University Strategic Plan
1.2    Evaluation Alumni Survey: Survey Instrument
  Alumni Survey: Summary Results
  Current Student Survey: Survey Instrument
  Current Student Survey: Summary Results
  Monitoring Effectiveness In Meeting 2014-2016 Strategic Plan (Restricted)
  Strategic Plan Systems and Responsible Parties
1.3    Institutional Environment Rutgers Statement of Accreditation Status
1.5    Governance Committee Meeting Minutes (Restricted)
Rutgers University Committee Membership
SPH Bylaws
SPH Student Government Association Bylaws
Standing and Ad Hoc Committee Membership
2.0  Instructional Programs
2.1 Degree Offerings Course Schedules
  Course Syllabi
  Degree/Concentration Requirements for each Degree Program (plans of study) Visit Each Department's Webpage
2.3 Public Health Core Knowledge MPH DrPH Core Course Syllabi
  2.4    Practical Skills Fieldwork Contract
  Fieldwork Handbook
  Fieldwork Reports for each Department (Restricted)
  Fieldwork Sites and Preceptors, AY2013-AY2015 (Fall 2014)
  Evaluation for Fieldwork Site Preceptor Form (sample)
  Fieldwork Student Survey form
2.5    Culminating Experience Articles Published on Fieldwork, Dissertation and Other Related Research
  Presentations by Students at Conferences
  Doctoral Handbook
2.6    Required Competencies Department Competency Matrices
  2.7 Assessment Procedures Course Evaluation: Survey Instrument
  Course Evaluations: Summary Results
  Student Self-Assessment Survey: Sample Survey Instrument
  Student Self-Assessment Survey: Summary Results
  Graduate Exit Survey: Survey Instrument
  Graduate Exit Survey: Summary Results
  Employer Survey: Survey Instrument
  Employer Survey: Summary Results
2.11 Academic Degrees Academic Degree/Concentration Requirements Visit Each Department's Webpage
2.12  Doctoral Degrees Doctoral Course Syllabi
  Doctoral Degree/Concentration Requirements Visit Each Department's Webpage
  Doctoral Handbook
  SPH Doctoral Standing Courses
2.13 Joint Degrees PsyD Practicum Information (for PsyD/MPH dual degree)
  MPA Degree Capstone Information (for MPA/MPH dual degree)
  MS in Biomedical Informatics Directed Study Information (for MS/MPH dual degree)
3.0  Creation, Application and Advancement of Knowledge
3.1    Research 2014-2015 Office of Research and Sponsored Program Research Seminars
  Funded Research Activity of Primary Faculty
  Policies that Support Research, Service, and Workforce Development
  School Sponsored Institutes, Centers and Programs
  Sample Contracts and Agreements with External Agencies (Restricted)
3.2    Service Collaborations and Agreements with External Agencies
  Funded Service Activity of Primary Faculty
  School Faculty Staff Service Activities
  Service Awards to Faculty, Staff, Students and Professionals
  V.O.I.C.E.S. Community Service Projects and Events
3.3    Workforce Development Course Evaluation Use by New Jersey Safe Schools Program (sample) (Restricted)
  Course Evaluation Used by OPHP (sample) (Restricted)
  Funded Training Activity of Primary Faculty
  OPHP Flyers-Continuing Education Events (samples)
  SPH Certificate Program Flyers
4.0  Faculty, Staff and Students
4.1    Faculty Qualifications Primary Faculty Who Support Degree Offerings
  Primary Faculty Curriculum Vitae (Restricted)
  Secondary and Other Faculty Who Support Degree Offerings
  Secondary Faculty Curriculum Vitae (Restricted)
4.2    Faculty Policies and Procedures A&P Guidelines (Restricted)
  Faculty Handbook
  Faculty Administrator Performance Evaluation Form (Restricted)
  Faculty Performance Evaluation Form (Restricted)
  Junior Faculty Mentoring Program and Committees (Restricted)
  Policies Addressing Faculty Rules
4.3    Student Recruitment and Admissions Brochures for SPH Degree Programs (Restricted)
  Course Narratives
  Open House Advertisement (sample) (Restricted)
  Open House Flyer (sample) (Restricted)
4.4 Advising & Career Counseling Rutgers Career Services Materials (13MB)
  SPH Career Trends Event flyer (Restricted)

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